2 days and I love you all.

Thank you so so much everyone for the support you have shown us thus far. Nothing beats sharing this new project with you guys and hearing the positive responses we have received so far. Blind Tigers is just the beginning though. On March 8th we will release our second single The Edge and I truly believe it will blow your minds. Dan wrote some of the catchiest lyrics I have ever heard and the song packs an emotional punch the way few songs these days do. We are happy to be back playing the music that makes us happy and hopefully makes you happy as well. Have a great Saturday, party hard, and remember to tell at least one friend about this awesome new band from Cincinnati you heard about. 

—Love you all,

—James Dean

Welcome!!!! Now lets have fun.

Hey everyone this is James from the your new favorite band Roosevelt. We are happy to be releasing our first single “Blind Tigers” Tomorrow on our Facebook page Facebook.com/musicroosevelt. Hopefully you give it a listen and spread the word to any of your friends who would also enjoy. This awesome Tumblr page will be used as a way to interact with everyone, whether that be anonymously or otherwise. Another cool thing is you will get to see some of our interests here (for better or worse). I am really looking forward to bringing this music to you, playing shows, meeting new friends, and partying like there is no tomorrow. Thanks for you time…now like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and hey even follow us on here. We will make sure to return the favor.

- -James Dean